What are Draft Instagram Stories and How to Work with Drafts

  • Editing sketches;
  • Management of saved photos;
  • Regulation of the number of images;
  • Through the “Edit” button, you can select unnecessary content and get rid of it.
  • On the main page, you need to click on the menu, which lists additional functions.
  • Click on “Draft” button
  • In the tab that appears will be displayed your drafts
  • A record is selected that is planned to be uploaded.
  • The Change function is activated.
  • The description is being corrected.
  • Content is added.
  • Hashtags are added.
  • Content is being published.
  • Click on the button for adding a new post.
  • Select the required image and press the return action.
  • The program will prompt you to reset the publication or perform a standard save.
  • The option to add a new publication is activated;
  • The desired video is selected;
  • After processing with filters, the return arrow is pressed;
  • The program will ask what to do — reset the publication or save.




Social media expert ✔ — doragoold24@gmail.com

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Dora Goold

Dora Goold

Social media expert ✔ — doragoold24@gmail.com

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