What are the best Instagram bots to get more real followers?

What are Instagram bots?

Program Instagram bots yourself or use providers?

Problems with bot likes and comments

At your own risk: how to use Instagram bots

  1. Do extensive research to find out what your target group is. What is she interested in? Which accounts is she following? Which hashtags does she use? When is it online? The better you know your target audience, the more precisely you can target your bot to them.
  2. Use your research results to narrow down the area of ​​application of your bot . Specify exactly what kind of users he should interact with.
  3. It’s best to only automate likes to start with. This means that you do not run the risk of reacting inappropriately to a post.
  4. Make sure in the settings of your bot to give preference to new posts. If your account reacts to ancient content, it can quickly appear suspicious to users.
  5. Analyze your bot regularly and check the results . Do the new followers fit into your target group? If not, make adjustments to the settings.

Detect Instagram bots

  1. Many subscribed channels
    Many accounts that use bots automatically subscribe to other users — in the hope that they will then follow them. Channels that follow many other accounts are at least suspicious.
  2. Impersonal Comments
    Since bots cannot properly address the content of a post in comments, they spread short standard statements such as “Cool post!”, “Great!” or “Have a look at my account”. Of course, not every user who writes a short comment uses a bot. An accumulation of impersonal communication can, however, be an indication.
  3. Advertising direct messages
    Even questionable conversations via direct messages can point to bots. Some of the programs go so far as to write direct messages. The procedure: First they pretend to have a simple question. Then they recommend a product without being asked.

Instagram bots opportunities and risks




Social media expert ✔ — doragoold24@gmail.com

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Dora Goold

Dora Goold

Social media expert ✔ — doragoold24@gmail.com

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